LED Lighting Options.

LRL NXT-S Series

LRL NXT-S Post Top Series.

LRL NXT-S Deep Bowl Series.

LRL Satellite Series

Solar Lighting Options.

Installing mains powered street, park and security lighting can be an expensive business involving trenching, cabling and resurfacing. The chances of hitting existing underground services is an ever present risk.... Consider the Pecan Solar Lighting option.

One hole, one pole and the job's done. Quick, clean and simple and no monthly power costs.

Solar lighting in a park; It's all automatic. The light turns on at sunset and will run to dawn or for the required pre-set time. Six hours, twelve hours, whatever the design time is.

Each system that Pecan builds is designed to suit the location of its installation. Solar irradiation design data is used based upon the time of year when the proposed installation site receives the least amount of sun.

This design criteria will make sure that the light will operate throughout the year for the selected time. Fully sealed maintenance free batteries are used and sized to provide over 5 days no sun storage with an operating life of up to 8 years.

All of our systems are designed and constructed from materials that will withstand the harshest of environments.

The pole and battery box are hot dip galvanised plus powder coated in your choice of standard colours if required.

All fixing hardware is either anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

The lights are also available in Melbourne from Terry Conway, 2 Boloka Court PATTERSON LAKES, Victoria 3197, phone/fax: 613 9772 9019