Pecan LIGHTING Projects

Jetty Walkway - Derby WA.

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley WA decided to light the walkway between the edge of the Derby township and the jetty as both locals and tourists alike utilise it for both exercise and to watch the spectacular sunsets. Pecan Light was commissioned to design a suitable solar powered LED lighting system that provided lighting to AS/NZS 1158.3.1-2005 P4 standard. This lighting level is achieved with the SAT-24S 35w at a spacing of 62m.

Cable Beach - Broome WA.

When the Shire of Broome in Western Australia needed to replace their old solar lights for use at the world famous Cable Beach they turned to Pecan Lighting. The Shire of Broome fully understood how arduous the weather can be in their location so knew they needed to choose a high quality product designed to handle the conditions. Pecan Lighting designed and manufactured the poles specifically for the project. The lighting design was based around the 24LED LRL Satellite luminaire, one of the very few true 20 year design life LED luminaires available. 

Yellow Brick Road - Pittwater NSW.

Pecan Lighting was chosen by Pittwater Council in NSW to supply lighting for a shared bike/pathway. The lighting is designed to meet AS/NZS 1158.3.1-2005 P2 standard. The supplied luminaires are the 48LED LRL Satellite 55w version. 

V Class Roadway Lighting - Adelaide City Council SA.

Adelaide City Council, SA recently decided to revamp their main road lighting throughout the city streets by replacing outmoded MV and HPS luminaires with modern LED street lighting luminaires. After a long and thorough process they chose the LRL Satellite range due to their reliability and performance. Over 1,000 LRL Satellite luminaires have now been installed.

Umuwa NT - RFDS Emergency Airstrip.

When the South Australian Govt realised they needed reliable lighting for a very remote airstrip in outback NT, utilised by the RFDS, they automatically turned to Pecan Lighting; a trusted supplier of high quality solar powered lighting. Based around the LRL Satellite range of LED Street/Area lights these solar lights ensure that next time there is a night time emergency evacuation from this remote airstrip the transfer to the aircraft will be safer, easier and quicker.