Solar Lighting Security

Security of solar lighting is of utmost importance. Pecan Lighting have designed a range of tamper proof mounting hardware for our solar lights.

Supplied as standard on all our solar systems is the use of stainless steel security bolts to secure the base to the pole as well as the solar panels to the frame. Special tools are required to fit and remove these fittings.

An optional vandal resistant kit is also available for high risk installation areas that include a polycarbonate cover fitted over the face of the solar modules as well as a protective covering for the rear of the module and a stone guard over the light fitting.

A rugged yet sophisticated MPPT controller monitors the battery and ensures optimal changing conditions.


 The Pecan PowerStar MPPT controller specifically designed for Pecan Lighting features an inbuilt timer to control running times of the light as well as low voltage cut out and temperature compensation.