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Lithgow Correctional Centre, New South Wales converts to LED.

correction centre solar light

Lithgow Correctional Centre in country NSW recently converted all of their security lighting from 250w HPS (275w inc losses) to LRL Satellite series 200w LED luminaires; saving almost 30% in energy usage and doing away with relamping forever.

The increase in visual acuity from the Nichia LED's white light, as utilised in the LRL Satellite series, has also helped the centre's surveillance cameras with the incidence of false tripping reduced considerably.

The LRL Satellite's 20 year design life allied with the standard 10 year warranty also provides peace of mind to the maintenance crew.

Werribee Civic Centre lights up with Solar Powered LED lighting

solar street lighting

After careful consideration of the available energy efficient lighting options, including T5 and CFL options, the council chose a Pecan Lighting Grid Tied Solar Public Lighting (GTSPL) system utilising LED luminaires.

The supplier, Lateral Technology, worked with the council's engineering consultants to provide technical and historical information on the Pecan Lighting GTSPL system.

The Pecan Lighting LED GTSPL system provides an energy neutral lighting solution that translates into a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of over 7 tonnes annually from the 44 x GTSPL poles in the project. The lighting design showed that the 23w of LED in each LED luminaire produced more light, where it's needed, than 42w of CFL saving a further 3.6 tonnes annually.

The LED luminaire utilised is a highly credentialed green lighting solution; made from 20-25% (by weight) post consumer recycled materials (aluminium castings and extrusions). Seventy percent (by weight) of the LED luminaire's components are aluminium castings and extrusions that are readily recyclable.

They are RoHS and Dark Sky compliant. As the LED's in the luminaire produce no UV they do not attract bugs and other flying insects and contain Zero Mercury.

As the lighting requirements vary throughout the Civic Centre a number of different optical systems were utilised. Because the utilised LED luminaire is available in five (5) different optical systems from street light to forward throw to symmetrical distribution it was simple to pick the correct optic for each situation.

Type IV forward throw optics were utilised in one car park section due to the size and shape of the area. The main car park utilised Type III street light optics to achieve lighting uniformities compliant with the code requirements with Type II street light optics utilised throughout the roadways of the civic centre.

The long lamp life of the utilised LED luminaire is a bonus for the Werribee Council with a healthy effect on the council's maintenance budget with a truly maintenance free lighting system for many years to come.

Pecan Lighting and Lateral Technology were able to provide an excellent outcome for the council by virtue of the combination of solar power and LED street lighting in the Pecan GTSPL system, this combination has the ability to revolutionise street lighting as we know it.

Solar energy is clean, inexhaustible and when converted into electricity, emissions free with the LED luminaire contributing; a very long lamp life, glare free white light for great visual acuity, accurate optical control for maximum pole spacing with excellent lighting uniformity and lighting distribution patterns to suit most lighting situations.

With the emergence of FIT (Feed in Tariff's) there now exists a situation whereby even under a Nett FIT, Pecan GTSPL systems can have the capability to generate revenue for the owner.

 Redfern Railway Station goes eco-friendly with solar LED lights

railway station solar light