Grid Tied Solar Lighting

lrl nxt lite m newsAn exciting product developed in conjunction with LED Roadway Lighting, Canada, enabling Street Lighting to be powered by the sun. In the past the amount of light produced by Solar Powered lights has not met the Australian Standards for Street Lighting. But with the development of a new LED Luminaire, Pecan Lighting has been able to produce this light which is revolutionising Street Lighting.


Grid tied Solar lighting can be a win win for all parties involved!

Communities benefit:
The system generates the most power when energy demands from the grid are highest - during the day in the summer months when air-conditioning loads put the highest demands on our generating and supply systems. Power is used at night when grid demands are low. Additional energy produced close to the required load will improve the stability of the network. Their energy will be cleaner and more stable during peak demand times. More renewable energy reduces greenhouse emissions- improving everyone’s quality of life! The cost of lights being amortized into land sales means this is effectively a user pays system!

Developers benefit:
Can promote their developments as an environmentally friendly project. Any additional capital costs can be amortised over future land sales. Grid tied solar street lighting can make a significant contribution towards environmental liabilities and requirements, which may be required for development. Developers who incorporate grid tied solar street lighting in their developments are making a environmental statement which which is highly visible to everyone in the community

The supply authority benefits:
The energy generated is close to the point of consumption, reducing network transportation costs and loses (decentralized generation) and assists with additional energy when the network is stress (Peak Load Lopping). Additionally the energy produced contributes to their mandatory 2% renewable target set down in legislation! The renewable energy certificates produced are also saleable. We can assist with the sale or management of REC's

Pecan Lighting and its Victorian distributor Lateral Technology, have spent considerable time negotiating with network providers, energy retailers, and other involved parties in order to put into place systems and standards for incorporating grid tied solar street lights into the public lighting system. Agreements have been reached on the method and type of metering, energy supply and purchase rates under NUOS and maintenance etc. Through our agent Lateral Technology, Pecan Lighting can provide supply and installation services, metering setup, maintenance advice and services. Lateral technology can provide cabling services or work with the developers preferred supplier as desired.

Pecan Lighting Grid Tied Solar Street Lights were the first and are the best. We have a proven track record in working with developers and councils having supplied all the lights for the first residential land development in Australia to have all grid tied solar street and public lighting being the Orchard Grove project by the Bayport group at Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Pecan Grid Tied Solar Street lights may also be seen in the City of Manningham, Mornington Peninsula Shire and City of Wyndham.